SAPI has been providing an high standard collection, disposal and rendering service to the agri-food industry throughout Italy for over 50 years. In line with new legislation, the Company has extended its existing collection services of animal by-products to include the retail, catering and food production sectors. By working in partnership with SAPI, you can demonstrate your commitment to the food chain and fulfil your responsibilities to the environment. 


Established in 1964 by Rinaldi's family, SAPI's head office is located in Castelnuovo Rangone a small village near to Modena. SAPI currently runs four rendering plants for Category 3 and one rendering plant for Category 1 all based in Italy. Besides SAPI has twelve warehouses located in north and center of Italy which are used to collect the animal by-products. SAPI's main activity is the production of processed animal proteins for pet food, feeding and fertilizers and fats and oils for feeding, oleochemical, soap industries and biodiesel sector associated with a worldwide trading activity. In recent years SAPI has also been focus to develop the collection of used cooking oil (UCO). SAPI currently runs five different regeneration plants and eleven warehouses all located in north and center of Italy.


SAPI process animal by-products delivered on a daily basis in order to avoid any kind of deterioration and to obtain high quality of finished products. We process and convert a large range of animal by-products, not intended for human consumption, into various range of single or multi species proteins for application in feed, pet food and fertilizers. We also produce a variuos range of fats and oils which represent the energetic resources for animal feeding and a primary source for oleochemical, soap and biodiesel sectors. Since the finished products are characterized by a high quality SAPI is well known all over the World and it's well settled in the foreign markets. 



    SAPI is well recognized all around the World for the production of Low Fat Proteins. After the rendering process we further defatted our proteins so that only 3 to 4% fat content remains inside the finished product. The extraction plant sets us apart from other companies which operate in our sector and leave SAPI a leader role.

    SAPI Processed Animal Proteins analysis certificates



    SAPI is a key raw material supplier for Animal Feeding sector, Oleochemical, Soap and Biofuels Industries. SAPI currently produces larges and sustainable qualities of Fats and Oils able to satisfy the demand of its customers. For further details on qualities and specifications requirements please get in touch directly with us to identify the right product able to satisfy your need.

  • UCO


    Sapi Spa, established Sapi green oil srl in 2019, a company entirely dedicated to the collection of used vegetable oil. Sapi green oil is currently one of the largest collectors of used vegetable oil (UCO) in Italy. In full compliance with the vineyard environmental regulations, the company is able to offer a widespread service to the Italian market and respect fully meet the needs of restaurants and the food industry. The collection, treatment and daily transformation of the aforementioned oils allow to the company to  continuously serve the supply chain of Biodiesel manufacturing companies.
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    SAPI is currently selling fresh and/or salted cattle hides collected on daily basis.


Many years of experience combined with the peculiar devotion to specialist skills and excellence services, have allowed SAPI to impose itself as one of the leading companies in Italy in the collection of animal by-products. In the course of its history, SAPI has always invested in technology and development, while aiming at the constant improvement of the quality of his work. For this, SAPI is able to provide collection services with high standard.


Animal By-Products Collection (1069/2009/CE)

Since SAPI started his business the main activity have been collecting animal by-products from the meat industry and then rendering them to produce high quality proteins, fats and oils. In accordance with the EU Regulation 1069/2009 we offer services to slaughterhouse, supermarket, butcher shop or food processor. We offer collection services based on the specific requirements of our customers.

Food Waste Collection

SAPI is proud to offer a food waste collection service. We are specialised in recovery and recycling products and packaging from retail food. SAPI has long experience in the handling of packaged food from supermarket and food processors. SAPI provided through food waste collection an invaluable environmental service.

UCO (Used cooking oil)

SAPI is considered as Italian leader in the collection and recycling of used cooking oil (UCO). We currently have a large fleet with trucks dedicated to the collection of used cookind oil (UCO). We also have a specialized team which provide an invaluable service to our suppliers. We are able to match the specific need of each restaurant with a specific equipment in order to meet your need.

Cattle Hides

SAPI provides collection of cattle hides from slaughterhouses. Thanks to our presence and through our connection with the worldwide market we are able to offer to our suppliers an excellent service and a high value.


SAPI is an international active company, well known all over the world and firmly established in the foreign markets where the SAPI Group has 34 production sites (see key notes and map) spread across Europe, Africa, Oceania, North and South America. The company's expansion and the presence of SAPI in many foreign markets reinforced his worldwide position as indipendent renderer standing among the top ten players in the sector. SAPI is well known by a considerable number of export markets, where it has always consolidated its presence. Overall Sapi is processing over 2.000.000 Tons of Animal By-Product. The group is employing today approx 2.400 people.

Headquarter and Category 3 Plant

Category 3 Plant – Joint Venture

Category 1 Plant – Joint Venture

Category 3 Plant

Category 1 Plant

Oleochemical Plant

Oleochemical Plant – Joint Venture

Compost Plant – Joint Venture

Compost Plant

Trading Company

Trading Company – Joint Venture

Hides Plant – Joint Venture

Hides Plant

Pet Food Plant

Pet Food Plant – Joint Venture

Used cooking oils (UCO) Plant – Joint Venture

Used cooking oils (UCO) Plant

Category 3 & Used cooking oils (UCO) Plant

Category 1 & Used cooking oils (UCO) Plant

Category 3 & Used cooking oils (UCO) Plant – Joint Venture

Category 1 & Used cooking oils (UCO) Plant – Joint Venture

Category 1 & Category 3 Plant – Joint Venture

Category 1 & Category 3 Plant



As an environmentally responsible company, SAPI seeks to maximise the energy potential from animal by-produtcs process. By investing in the most advanced technology today we give to the agri-food industry some of the best green credentials. We hope you can join us in our journey towards achieving this.

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification  

ISCC is a globally leading certification system covering the entire supply chain and all kinds of biobased feedstocks and renewables. Independent third party certification ensures compliance with high ecological and social sustainability requirements, greenhouse gas emissions savings and traceability throughout the supply chain. ISCC can be applied in various markets including the bioenergy sector, the food and feed market and the chemical market. SAPI has been one of the first Italian Companies operating into the Animal By-Products and rendering plant to achieve the ISCC accreditation (International Sustainability Carbon Certification). The certification guarantee the production of sustainable biofuels and it is focus on a gas reduction and a GHG emissions saving through the next years.


SAPI Model 231/01 and Ethical Code 

SAPI, in order to ensure fairness and transparency in the conduct of its business activities, adopted on a voluntary basis, a ‘Model of Organization, Management and Control’ (Model) pursuant to the effects of Legislative Decree no. 231/01. The Model provides a meticulous system of procedures and controls, designed to reduce the risk of committing offenses referred to in that decree, and therefore constitutes a valuable tool for raising awareness aimed at all those who work for and with SAPI, in order to keep the performance of their activities conducted in conformity with the law.

With the adoption of the organizational, management and control model, SAPI has also adopted an ‘Ethical Code’. The Ethical Code reflects the high ethical standards that the company intends to observe on daily basis and the conduct of their workers and it describes the universe itself of the corporate values. It identifies, in fact, rules of conduct and general guidelines that the department managers, executives, employees and all those (suppliers, consultants, partners, etc.) who, in various ways, work with SAPI spa are required to accomplish. In the performance of its business and in the relationship they have with the company. The declared aim is to avoid, through clear enunciation of rules of conduct oriented ethics, misconduct or ambiguous that may affect the efficiency and reliability of SAPI and the social context in which it operates. For monitoring the implementation of the Model and of the Ethical Code, the Board of Directors of the Company appointed a Supervisory Board, which functions are assigned to guarantee the governance and control of the model for the prevention of crimes pursuant to Legislative Decree. 231/01 and the Ethical Code, and, in particular, poor compliance, adequacy and updating.

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